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Full Service Birth Tubs & Accessories

Serving Des Moines & Surrounding Areas


We provide full service, heated AquaDoula birth tub rentals that require no set up or breakdown for clients. Reservations include 24/7 on-call availability and all supplies. You simply call us when you are in labor and we will come set up your birth tub! After your baby is born, we come and break it all down for you. Our goal is to make sure using a birth tub isn't a source of stress for you and your family. 

The AquaDoula Portable Birth Pool is the original, warm water birth tub designed and developed special for labor support and gentle waterbirth.


Benefits of Birth Tubs

Imagine sinking into a nice warm pool while you're in labor...

If you are planning a homebirth or birth center birth, utilizing a birth tub has many advantages. Water labor and waterbirth is highly rated by mothers, and many studies report the following benefits:

  • Easier to relax, deeper relaxation

  • Less need for pain medication

  • Feeling more present, since pain is better managed

  • Conserves mother’s energy

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Water facilitates mobility and enables the mother to assume any position that is comfortable for labor and birth.

  • Offers a gentle transition for the baby


Even if you aren't sure you want to have your baby in the water, hydrotherapy during labor still offers many benefits.

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